Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree

Here's how it works:

When we run our "Buy a tee, plant a tree" events, all you have to do is buy a tee or any apparel item and at the end of the month we will donate $1.00 for each item purchased*.  $1.00 equals one tree planted.  You will also have the option to add a tree to your order for $1.00.  That would mean that 2 trees will be planted for that order!  When we are in between our "Buy a tee, plant a tree" events you will still have the option to add a tree to your order.  So that means that every time you shop with us, you have the ability to have trees planted; as many as you'd like!  And don't forget that every order placed with Blue Culture Tees helps contribute to cleaning our oceans.**

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*Buy a tee, plant a tree claim - Blue Culture Tees will donate $1.00 (plant one tree) for each apparel item purchased during the "Buy a tee, plant a tree" events only.  During the events, Blue Culture Tees will donate the amount automatically and does not require the customer to take any additional steps or incur any additional (hidden) fees.  If the customer chooses to add an additional tree to the order during checkout, those charges will be the responsibility of the customer placing the order.  When the customer adds one or more trees during checkout, Blue Culture Tees will still donate $1.00 (plant one tree) for each apparel item in the order.  Offer is not valid on sale items or clearance items and is subject to change.   All tree donations are made to One Tree Planted at onetreeplanted.orgClaim is valid as of 2/25/20.  For questions regarding this offer please contact us at

 **Ocean Cleanup Claim - Up to 10% of every order is donated to The Plastic Oceans Foundation and The Ocean Cleanup.  Donation amount is based on the final price of the sold item and does not include any shipping costs.  On the 1st of each month the total amount collected is divided in half and distributed equally between the two foundations.  Ocean cleanup claim valid as of 3/29/18 and subject to change.