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Well its finally here, the long awaited remake of Disney's Aladdin.  We've put together this quick review for you to read before or after seeing the movie but we have to warn you, there may be some spoilers ahead. 

This new Aladdin film had us so excited that we were counting down the days to go see it.  It is jam packed with excitement, action and even some extra songs that were not in the original movie.  We went to see Aladdin on opening weekend and we are glad we did!  We did end up seeing it in 3D and although I wouldn’t recommend the 3D version over the regular, it was still a great experience.  There did not seem to be that many “3D specific” effects to justify the added cost.   So if you want to  save a couple bucks, you can just check out the regular film.

Over all the movie had the same great Aladdin feel as the original but with some different twists to it.  For example, the magic carpet ride did not fly around the entire world but rather they flew around Agrabah only.  Some of the songs had some lyrics replaced and where played at different times in the story.  Later in the movie when Jasmine tries to seduce Jafar but ends up trapped in an hour glass, they replaced this part with the song "Speechless" sung by Namoi Scott (Princess Jasmine) who did an amazing job.

When Aladdin enters the Cave of Wonders, he is told to "Take nothing but the lamp" which is different than the original where he is told to "Touch nothing but the lamp".  They changed this part do to inconsistencies in the original as some fans argue that Aladdin and Abu both touched magic carpet and other things with no penalty.  This small rule change clarifies that it is ok to touch or step on something as long as you don't try to take it.  It is probably also because the cave is so littered with treasure in the new version, that it is literally impossible not to touch anything.

Other than that, I feel that there was a lot more comedy in this version than in the original..  And of course the big question on everyone's mind... did Will Smith make a good genie?  We will let you discover that and the rest of the small details and Easter eggs for yourself.  Wouldn't want to give it all away! 

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