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4 Common Myths About Graphic Tees Debunked

4 Common Myths About Graphic Tees Debunked


Image of assorted graphic tees

Separating truth from myths is the first step to making better buying decisions when you’re out shopping for a casual tee at Blue Culture Tees. With graphic tees becoming mainstream, many unfounded claims have surfaced. These t-shirt myths range from the shirt’s appearance to manufacturing. Since there are too many misconceptions about tees, we’ll only look into the most persistent myths in this post.

Image of a woman in a little mermaid tee

MYTH: There’s Only One Fit for All

Some believe that graphic tees have only one style option. Nothing can be farther from the truth when it comes to graphic tees. When someone mentions a Star Wars shirt, you may think of the regular unisex short-sleeved t-shirt right away, but it’s not the only type of t-shirt. With graphic tees, the options are endless. Choose from long-sleeves to V-necks, and women’s fit tees too. Whatever the occasion or style, graphic tees are always the perfect fit from Blue Culture Tees.

Image of a Jurassic Park Tee

MYTH: Awesome T-Shirt Designs Are An Easy DIY

Making your own Jurassic Park shirt may seem to be doable for anyone. But creating an attractive shirt takes creativity and expertise. Most of the hard work lies in perfecting the design and investing in a high-quality print to create your favorite tee. Finding the right combination for design size, fonts, and placement makes a big difference in the final product. Instead of doing it yourself, leave the graphic tee creation to the experts. We offer a wide range of styles, fits, and prints, so start shopping for your next favorite graphic tee today!

Image of an Avengers Tee Shirt

MYTH: Graphic Tees Are Boring

While some graphic tees can be bland and cliche — it all depends on your taste and humor. As more people enter the shirt printing business, it’s easy to find a shirt to strike your fancy. There are so many options available, you can rep your favorite fandoms every day of the week! Check out our choices with everything from statement shirts to an Avengers shirt, you should be able to find your kind of tee.

Image of a Harry Potter Shirt

MYTH: Where You Buy a T-shirt Doesn’t Matter

With so many online shops out there, many people think it doesn’t matter where you buy products online but it does. Shirt qualities vary widely between stores, but differences don’t end there. Your purchasing power could change lives. Buying from businesses like Blue Culture Tee that supports nonprofits allows you to support environmental causes without paying extra. The next time you buy some casual wear, think about whether you can go the extra mile to help a small business or a worthwhile cause.

With the right information, now you’re ready to find the perfect graphic tees for your wardrobe. Get your next graphic tee from Blue Culture Tees to support The Ocean Cleanup and plant more trees through One Tree Planted. Buy a tee and make a difference today.

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