Pre-Order Updates

Due to the current global freight crisis, delays may occur. Estimated ship

Blue Culture Tees will update this page with any updates we receive from our manufacturers pertaining to Pre-Orders.
(Information on this page subject to change without notice.)

Please note that we only have updates on the items listed on this page. If your dates are subject to change. item is not listed on this page, it could because we have either not received an update from our manufacturers, or it is not expected to ship within the next 2 weeks.

If your item is not listed on this page, you can always refer back to the product description of your item on our website where we list the estimated shipping dates in the description.

Estimated shipping date to customers:


Don't see the items you are looking for? We may not have received any updates from our suppliers yet. We apologize for any delays and appreciate your continued patience and support.
Please note that we normally receive little to no notice when Funko Pop! items will arrive, so they are typically not added to the update page.
We seemed to have missed to first production run for the following Funko items.  Below is a list of the affected items and the new estimated arrival dates.  We apologize for the delay.